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Kde configure resolution
Kde configure resolution

Kde configure resolution

Download Kde configure resolution

Download Kde configure resolution

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Feb 2, 2012 - I have problems to change resolution. I tryed If your are using kde you can change your screen resolution inside the desktop: System Settings

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configure resolution kde

i am if not religious then at least passionate about kde and shun and of the most annoying is with setting display resolution and refresh rate.monitor/display settings not persistent since openSUSE 13.1 • KDE 12 Dec 2013display resolution problem • KDE Community Forums15 Jul 2013Custom resolution in monitor configuration • KDE Community 3 May 2011Screen resolution defaults at every login • KDE Community Forums28 Dec 2010More results from forum.kde.orgkde - Kubuntu 14.04 - No Screen resolution changer? - Ask 16, 2014 - I just installed a fresh new kubuntu 14.04 on an intel nuc and everything works fine, but I can't find an option to change the screen resolution. yesterday I tried an old Knoppix-version on my new PC it comes with KDE per default It started correctly but with the wrong screen resolution i tried to Unfortunately the screen resolution was wrong and my desktop icons The Kscreen is saving the settings to the ~/.kde/share/apps/kscreen/.

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Besides configuring X I'm sure KDE also has an settings applet to change the resolution. This is probably still set to your 'old' resolution. anyone know how change the screen resolustion in kde desktop?:???:Looked in YAST and I find no way to change screen resolution. Nvidia driver is installed. It this the wave of the future so locked down you can'tKDE nor NVIDIA-Settings listing the desired resolution6 posts5 Apr 2014Another change screen resolution in suse 13.1 problem8 posts11 Dec 2013Using 12.2, KDE 4.8.4, changing screen resolutions does 7 posts19 Feb 2013Login screen has wrong resolution5 posts24 Jan 2013More results from forums.opensuse.orgConfigure native resolution 1920x1080 ArchLinux + KDE + Nvidia › Applications & Desktop EnvironmentsCachedSimilarNov 24, 2013 - 11 posts - ?4 authorsAbout two days ago ArchLinux + KDE install on my PC with Nvidia Geforce 9500GT If the resolution appears, try setting it with xrandr.KDE Black Screen after any app change the resolution 3 posts11 Nov 2013Unable to change resolution in KDE / Applications 9 posts6 Aug 2011[SOLVED]Resetting "Display Settings" in KDE 5 posts26 Jul 2011More results from bbs.archlinux.orgKDE Tips: Desktop Effects and Screen Resolution 30, 2014 - Whereas in Windows, one simply right-clicks on the desktop and chooses “Screen Resolution,” the “Default Desktop Settings” option in KDE

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